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Booze in the open stop this menace

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boozenanawadiEarly morning at 6am, the sun has just risen and its golden colors are just touching the land, the air is fresh, with some cool breeze this is the most ideal place for a morning walk. 

We are at the Savgaon road after Nanawadi near the Helipad. But with the fresh air and the army personnel jogging hard for their various drills when one sees the gutter next to the Helipad ground one can only see liquor bottles, plastic waste, glasses and by each passing the day this is increasing.
We can’t even blame the people who have thrown this, as they must have been intoxicated and hence did not know what they were doing.

But this is a serious issue that could crop up due to such open boozing and most above that why cant these boozers take all the stuff back along with them and dispose it off in a garbage bin.

AAB has been posting such pics over and over again with the only intention of making the people aware, enjoy yourself but also be good to nature and your city.

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