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BSY son in law’s scuffle with police goes viral

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Virupaksha, eldest son-in-law of Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa who had a scuffle with the police at the Belagavi circuit house has gone viral.

ANI has tweeted the video An argument broke out between police and Karnataka CM’s eldest son-in-law ( the man who gets into the car) when the latter allegedly used the abusive language after police asked him to slow down his car.

As Virupaksha was leaving the circuit house, the police present there asked him to move slowly to which the former allegedly reacted sharply using abusive words. The cops at the scene shouted back which led to a scuffle.


3 thoughts on “BSY son in law’s scuffle with police goes viral”

  1. Abuse of power, isn’t it common with people with influence…Law needs to treat everyone with equanimity though…Poor guy was just doing his job…

  2. Law officers should be respected while they are doing their job. No one is above the law doesn’t matter even if it is the prime minister of India.


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