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BUDA Seeks Input from 28 Villages to Shape Inclusion in Upcoming Masterplan

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By uday

The new master plan will encompass an additional 28 villages of Belagavi Taluka under the ambit of the Belagavi Urban Development Authority (BUDA). To ensure the inclusion of these villages in the master plan, the opinions of the respective citizens will be sought. BUDA has issued a notification to this effect.

Residents of the 28 villages within BUDA’s jurisdiction have been invited to submit their views and suggestions within a 60-day period. These valuable inputs will be taken into consideration by BUDA during the preparation of the Master Plan. As many citizens as possible from these villages must share their opinions and suggestions. It is worth noting that the residents of these villages have expressed their opposition to the decision to include BUDA in the functional area. Hence, this appeal from BUDA.

Villages newly included in BUDA jurisdiction

Honga, Kalkhamb, Muchandi, Ashte, Nilji, Mutga, Sambara, Balekundri Khurd, Balekundri Budruk, Honihal, Maveenkatti, Basarikatti, Mastamardi, Shindoli, Kondaskop, Dhamane, Yelloor, Avacharhatti, Yermal, Kuttalwadi, Navge, Hangarga, Kallehol, Sulge , Gojge, Mannur, Ambewadi, Jafarwadi, Alataga and Kadoli.

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However, according to the rules, it is necessary to gather the citizens’ opinions before including them in the master plan. BUDA will fulfill this formality accordingly. The submission of opinions and suggestions is open for almost two months. Citizens can submit their views and suggestions by visiting the BUDA office or sending them via post.

Currently, BUDA’s jurisdiction includes 27 villages in addition to Belagavi city. However, the decision to include 28 villages in the taluka was made in 2020. A proposal was prepared and sent to the government for consideration.

The tender process for the company’s selection for the masterplan preparation is in progress.

3 thoughts on “BUDA Seeks Input from 28 Villages to Shape Inclusion in Upcoming Masterplan”

  1. BUDA needs to plan a proper layout considering the future plan as well so that no properties in future will be interrupted n no citizens should be troubled and the road are just going on rising inches by inches which is creating a problem in rainy so the roads need to be dug n then build such carelessness wont work for betterment

  2. Sir
    When Dhamane village is included,why Ganeshpur part of Benakanahalli Gram panchayat is included eventhough distance is hardly 3 kms away from Bogarves Belagavi
    What is the criteria for selection of villages in BUDA limits

  3. Inclusion of nearby villages and areas into BUDA limits are welcome, provided the civic amenities including properly wide roads, drainages, water supply and street lights are provided in all the areas of the city corporation. It should also not to levy higher house and building taxes to the newly including areas till the time proper amenities are provided.


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