Bus stand opp Railway Station is ready for inauguration

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The Bus stand opposite the Railway Station (known popularly as Goa Bus stand) which was in dire straits has now got a complete make-over from the Belagavi Smart city and it will also house private buses along with Government buses.

The completed project has 12 shops, 2 police booths, KSRTC booth and is likely to be inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Karnataka in the next week.

The development of the Bus stand opposite the Belagavi Railway station also commonly referred to as the Goa Bus stand has upgraded Drain, Passenger waiting area, ticket counter, Kiosks, Tensile fabric works, electrical work.

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PC: Sammed Parmaj

The second inauguration of the same work was done on Nov 4, 2020. In 2018 as well a similar inauguration of the said works was done but the work never commenced due to some permission issues from the Cantonment board.

Now the same is complete and awaiting inauguration

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PC: Sammed Parmaj

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  1. What a joke , we need a CM to inaugurate a small bus stand next to a railway station. CM sir should be tricked and taken to CBT on that day, it will be fun.

  2. Ah !! At long last— Goa Bus stands ready FINALLY to be inaugurated under the Belagavi( Belgaum) SMART CITY Scheme. No problem so long it( Bus Stand) starts operating soon !!!!!!


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