After cable war its OFC war Two caught red handed cutting OFC of Faast broadband

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We have heard about Cable rivalry and war in most cities, Belagavi was also not far away from it. Threatening, cutting of cables was common; now the same has been seen with OFC (Optical fiber cables) which provide high speed Internet connections to your homes and businesses.

One such incident was brought to light after a complaint was was filed with the Market police station by owner of FAAST Broadband.The FAAST Broadband team was able to apprehend two youths who were engaged in cutting their main OFC lines near to mid night on Dr BR Ambedkar road where the Faast has its office.

ofc-cutThe FAAST Broadband services were getting hampered each day around mid night and this lead their team to be on the move ascertain as to how the OFC cable was been cut at multiple locations in a short span of time.

RJ45 Crimping tool found from the person who got down from the pole after cutting the fiber. The FIR names Accused as

Santosh Ashtekar and Shankar Gaur who were on a Honda Dio and Honda Activa respectively.

FAAST Broadband is a local registered ISP which is providing high speed Internet access for as low as Rs.500 a month with Speeds upto 100 MBPS.

The team which is working on fixing the lines said even we cant find our own Cables, but these guys have identified our main lines and keep cutting them at multiple locations so that even if we set one line up the Internet wont go live until the other cuts are also crimed up.

The best part the culprits have been seen in the CCTV footage as well climbing the pole and cutting the cables.

Speaking to AAB, Ajit Patil CEO of FAAST Broadband said

We have been delivering High speed Internet access to the citizens and have installed state of the art infrastructure par with any ISP. But we have been hit by such unscrupulous acts that we have to spend more of out time in getting our main lines right and hence since the past couple of months have not been able to expand into the city.

We have hundreds of applications pending which we really not able to fulfill due to these things which require a lot of manpower and time to set right.

If people think that they can threaten me or harm me by doing such acts they are wrong, I am here to give the best I can and I will try my level best to deliver the same.

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  1. really sad to know, first of all we have only few service providers, providing good service and worth for money service, this kind of morons will not allow for that also.


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