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Cameras to keep an eye on poachers in Bhutaramanhatti forest


New cameras with advance technology and sensors will be installed in Bhutaramanhatti reserve forest, which is situated adjacent to National Highway 4.

The number of incidents of poaching have seen a rise in the recent past and hence the Forest department has flung into action to install more cameras in this forest area.


The forest department has already installed 15 sensor cameras at various locations in Bhutaramanhatti reserve forest, which has about 20 species of animals. The number of wild beasts in the forest has increased and the department is carrying out a survey on these animals.

Apart from wild animals, hyenas, wolves foxes, wild boars, deer, and many other animals can be spotted in the reserve forest.



  1. Please plan to make this as jumo sawari, Please develop this park as like banergattha park of banglore, which will yield revenue to forest dept and nature and animals can we taken care.

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