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Camp bungalows to be resumed demolished for army training

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“The 14 Bungalows from BC 45 to BC 79 would be resumed and then demolished to make way for a training area for the army” Public information officer of the MLIRC Naval Joshi has made this statement yesterday.

This has amazed the residents of the Bungalows. Mr.Joshi said that the resumption was being done under section 305 of the Cantonment act 2006 and such notices have been issued to the residents. He also stated that there were talks in the media that said land would be used for army officers accommodation but in this case it would be used for training.

The Bungalows come under B3 LAND which is reserved EXCLUSIVELY FOR RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES.

The proposed demolition of these bungalows for training will be a historic for Belgaum and the Cantonment. Ministry of Defence has to approve the change of land use and it would be strange for the ministry to change the land use for training when this was for residential purposes only.bc45

Even if the land use is changed, how can the army start training in here as there are other residential bungalows in its vicinity.

The MLIRC and JL wing have been given over 110 acres of land in the Race course area as a training area but are using it to play golf.

In March 2011 the Comptroller and Auditor General has found that Golf courses by the army are illegal.

The 113.95 acre Belgaum golf course is on A-1 category land, which is meant for strict military use, this was stated in the CAG report tabled in the parliament.

The Army officials dont tale any action until a college starts just next to its firing range and protest after the same has commenced operations. Here the army wants to start training area for the army within residential area.

What does Sec 305 of the Cantonment Act 2006 say:

Section 305 in The Cantonments Act, 2006

305. Powers of entry.- It shall be lawful for the President or the Vice- President of a Board, or the Chief Executive Officer, or the Health Officer or any person specially authorised by the Chief Executive Officer, or the Health Officer or for any other person authorised by general or special order of a Board in this behalf, to enter into or upon any building or land with or without assistants or workmen in order to make any inquiry, inspection, measurement, valuation or survey, or to execute any work, which is authorised by or under this Act or which it is necessary to make or execute for any of the purposes or in pursuance of any of the provisions of this Act or of any rule, bye- law or order made thereunder: Provided that nothing in this section shall be deemed to confer upon any person any power such as is referred to in section 274 or section 283 or to authorise the conferment upon any person of any such power.


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  1. Resumption is not done under section 305 of cantts act. resumption clause is inbuilt in the oldgrant conditions. only inspection can be done under the section in Cantts act. either there is some error in reporting or the MLIRC spokesperson goofed up on the issue.

    But i wonder why cantt bd is being pulled into the resumption issue when it has got nothing to do with resumption process. Since resumption is not provided for in the act, i am not sure if section 305 can be used for taking any measurements or inspection for the purpose of resumption. Cantt bd should tread carefully. its a matter of the army and the defence estates officer.

    B-3 land automatically becomes A-1 once resumption is effected.

    • Yes I do agree with you. Resumption is a saperate process. Cantonment board has no say in it. Resumption requires MOD” s sanction. People should not become panic over the issue. Let army do their work. Pubic / affected people have got the right to approach the MOD against their greviences .

  2. Hi Uday,

    I am reporting the condition of the 1st gate- mandoli road since no one is bothered to raise this issue.Its horrible.Especially the road near that shiv mandir.Its in this condition since many months and elected representatives are not paying attention.Can your team cover this report and publish this on AAB so that this report gets some attention.Or is there any other way so to get attention from the representatives towards this issue?


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