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Can private people exercise authority over national immunization program?

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By Nagraj Tuppad

The drive carried out on Monday at the BUDA complex in Belagavi for vendors, as informed by the organizers and supporters of local MLA, turned out as a mess as heated arguments were witnessed. More importantly, appropriate behaviors were not followed.

Arranging such drives is the need of the hour especially in the Belagavi district which has a high positivity rate.

Denial of the inoculation for few seekers led to the argument even as organizers claimed the drive was only for 150 vendors who had filled forms a day before. Actually, the vaccine was being administered to residents residing in the TV center irrespective of their age but was denied for a few.

Organizers were also collecting photocopies of Adhar cards while concerns were expressed of ID details that could be miss utilized.

At a time when repeated efforts to register on the Cowin portal are going in vain and people are concerned over the availability of vaccines some people exercising authority over the vaccination drive is unfair.


The centrally sponsored immunization drive aims to vaccinate all adults form June 21 as announced by the PM himself. But continued on going drive (though a welcome) being conducted for select few at unofficial places and denying to administer the jab for others is literally unacceptable.

District administration has to adopt fair practices to ensure that the very purpose of the drive is upheld and no citizen is denied of their right.

However, the questions looking for answers are:
Whether the camp officially permitted/authorized?
Who were the authorities supervising vaccination?
How could vaccines reach into private hands at a time when registered persons are waiting for their turn?
Does it amount to misusing office for political gains under the guise of social service?

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2 thoughts on “Can private people exercise authority over national immunization program?”

  1. Nagaraj Sir
    This is normal and acceptable, back here in Bangalore, special drives for free vaccination were conducted for street vendors, auto and cab drivers, etc
    As long as vaccination is conducted in a public place and follows covid behvaiour nothing wrong in conducting special camps targeting vulnerable people.
    If the camp was for a political party supporters then that has to be avoided.

  2. While, the law makers are banning other services, like using charity organizations’ (their ambulances), how is it fair to have private group administer the vaccine? Is this done to favor a few?


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