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Cantonment toll naka attacked

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The Cantonment toll Naka on Congress road was attacked by unidentified people on Thursday night and they broke the glasses of the naka.

Today morning a army vehicle with armed men were seen at the spot.

But later in the day they went off from the site.

People are not happy with this toll collection imposed by the Cantonment board on commercial vehicles above the manner in which the same is being collected is also not very correct. Faisal a regular commuter on the road and at that cross told this blog, “It becomes very difficult to over take from the left side if you are very near to the vehicle infornt of you and at this spot on Congress road suddenly vehicles are stopped by a few men who jump on the road. This is not the way to collect the toll. Why should I over take from the left, when it is illegal?”

A trucker asked us a question what service they are giving that they are collecting this toll? There are no boards nothing how can we understand whether this is legal or fake?naka cant

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  1. It’s not illegal to overtake from the left side if the road has a divider. But yes, the way the toll is being collected is quite improper I must say. Appears like some rogues are blocking the road and collecting money for themselves.

  2. They collecting the toll in such manner with Huge sticks in their Hands they Sacred what if some 1 comes to Trash them i never saw even Security Guards Holding Sticks on NH tolls
    How long wil they collect today broken window might be after they make broke the whole toll Nakka Boss Public hai is super power not Cantonment

  3. Is this not a democratic country. When people don’t want toll naka. Why is the cantonment not listening to people. Today they (people) have broken the window panes tomorrow the whole naka will be broken down and the people who are collecting money will also be pasted. It is bound to happen one day. And are our so called elected representatives of this city MLA’a and MP doing. I feel sorry for the people of Belgaum on this.

    • MLA and MP’s dont even have to pay toll on highways.
      They have huge green boards displaying them as exempted near highway toll collection points.

      Would they be concerned about the public. I wonder.

      • Here is what I have started doing at these toll collection points in cantonment.

        I just dont move to the left. I stick on the right hand side, behind a truck / tempo if they happen to be infront of me. A little delay, no problem. I have got all the time in the world.

        I just wont let myself be directed by some stick weilding wierdo who job is to extract money and cause inconvinience.


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