Car Parking fee at Bogarves is Rs.10 for 2 hours

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We had been posting stories about how the Parking contractors were looting the citizens by charging excess fees. Now after our story Cantonment Parking attendant has both 20 & 30 parking fee tickets

A citizen had filed an online complaint and now the board is up mentioning the actual parking fee.

Don’t be amazed to see the actual parking fee at Dharmveer Sambahji Circle Cantonment parking.

bogarves-car-parkingThe board put up mentions

Car Rs.20 per car for 4 hours

Car Rs.10 per car for 2 hours

But earlier the contractor used to charge 30 and when confronted he used to issue a 20 parking ticket, which was even wrong, as fee for first 2 hours is Rs.10.

After we had published the story in November, 2017 the matter was also taken up at the Cantonment meeting once and now the Contractor has been strictly told to adhere to the tender prices or else he will have to cough up huge fines.

From 21-12-2017 the contract has been awarded to Universal security agency and the said contractor has been strictly warned to adhere to the norms laid.

The outgoing contractor also has been fined Rs.8000 for violating the tender norms and charging extra.

Earlier receipts issued for parking at DSC

This is the victory of the citizens, we on many occasions have tried to air such grievances right from CBT parking, Bapat galli to Railway station. Many a times our stories and you the citizens after knowing the truth have come forward and have helped in stopping this Loot.

It’s your victory, it’s your voice, It’s all for our Belagavi.

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