Chambers prepare a common road map for the development of Mumbai-Karnataka region

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chamber-meetThe Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries along with The Karnataka Chamber of Commerce Hubli had an Interactive Meeting at Raosaheb Gogte Hall, Udyambag, Belgaum to prepare a common road map for the development of Mumbai / Karnataka region. To following issues were discussed

Bringing up large and heavy industries

Identification of land of 500 Acres for Industries

Provident Fund office which is urgently required as Belgaum has maximum workers covered under Employee State Insurance and Provident Fund compared to other districts.

Speed up the process of parallel Railway line to National Highway NH4 A.

To Extend intercity Railway upto Belgaum From Bangalore.

Road Widening of 3rd Railway Gate to Peeranwadi the 30 Crore project.

Discussed on Exorbitant Highway Toll existing at Hirebagewadi.

Lobby for representation of Chamber on various Government Bodies viz Corporation, BUDA, Universities, State Legislative Councils etc.

Trade diversions to neighboring states due to non uniformity in VAT.

To jointly organize Awareness and educative seminars.


4 thoughts on “Chambers prepare a common road map for the development of Mumbai-Karnataka region”

  1. Can any one of the discussed issues above be practically implemented ever or only on paper for another 50 years or so by the concerned authorities (The government)

  2. Belgaum Chambers should interact with state goverment in Bangalore by taking the local elected MLA’s. As the money is going to come from bangalore

  3. Dear Uday sir, we request you & your team to follow up on this roadmap BCCI has prepared. We the readers would like to know atleast one update on monthly basis. The above road map has got our hopes up especially the point about bringing large & heavy industries. This would help a large number of ancillary units running in Belgaum. We would like u keep a tab on it thus we could stay informed about the progress.


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