Check property valuations on this online system before buying or selling property

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Stamps and Registration Dept has launched an online property valuation calculator to arrive at a fair price for real-estate purchases and sales.

The stamps and registration department has launched Kaveri online facility ( ) that allows online registration of properties and also free downloading of property registration documents, including certified sale deeds and encumbrance certificates.

To know about Property Valuation click here

kaveriHave real estate agents jacked the price of the property you are looking to purchase up? Is the builder quoting too much and putting you in a fix on where you can get a fair price list? If yes is the answer to both questions, here is a solution.

Visit the Property Valuation page and know the value on line.

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    • WE only post it when its officially launched if the same is not working go and F the govt or the person who has created it dont shout here with abusive words

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  2. Thanks for the info but the portal is Third class. No valid information. Selected empty space with area in square feet & the result is for Flat/Building with rate in square meters. Such a lame portal development.


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