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Cheers for Change: Unveiling the Unconventional Demands of Liquor Enthusiasts

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By uday

During the Belagavi Session, numerous organizations are conducting protests near Survan Vidhan Soudha to demand the fulfillment of various needs. Surprisingly, even liquor enthusiasts, who contribute significant amounts of money to the government’s coffers, have joined the protests. Minister Santosh Lad was taken aback and shocked upon hearing their diverse demands.

The Karnataka Liquor Lovers Horata Sangh is leading the protest in the Suvarna garden tent, rallying under the slogan

“Work Daily..Speak the truth..Drink a little..Walk home” (Nitya Dudi, Satya Nudi, Swalp Kudi, Manege Nadi).

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Liquors Bottles” by Eaters Collective/ CC0 1.0

Minister Santosh Lad arrived at the scene and sat down with the protesting alcoholics, attentively listening to their concerns. He was genuinely surprised by their pleas. So, what exactly are the demands of these alcohol enthusiasts? They are as follows:

1. Establishment of a welfare fund for alcoholics.
2. Allocation of 10 percent of the income from liquor sales for specific purposes.
3. Provision of treatment for individuals suffering from liver problems.
4. Ban the term “drunkard” and replacement with “alcohol lovers.”
5. Allotment of one quarter per person.
6. Maintenance of cleanliness in bars.
7. Arrangement of ambulances near bars.
8. Establishment of housing facilities for alcoholics.
9. Declaration of December 31 as Alcohol Lovers Day.
10. Announcement of a compensation of 10 lakh rupees in case of alcohol-related deaths.
11. Provision of two lakh rupees as encouragement for marriages within families of alcoholics.

These are the various demands put forth by the liquor lovers to Minister Santosh Lad. In response, Santosh Lad has promised to bring these pleas to the attention of the government.

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