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Chemist averts a suicide on the Railway track

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The city of Belagavi has been seeing a series of suicides on the railway track in the past couple of months or so. How ever on Saturday a alert Chemist saved a life of woman who was trying to commit suicide on the railway track.

The incident occurred on Saturday when a married woman came to the Chemists shop and asked for a kind of poison. The shopkeeper said such goods are not sold here. Then the woman asked for sleeping pills to which the Chemist said it can be only be given on a valid prescription.

The woman who looked distressed went away from the shop but at this moment the shopkeeper asked hi employee to follow the woman and alert him if she is trying to do something drastic.

The woman came near the railway track and started to walk on the tracks at this moment the employee called the shopkeeper and informed him and he in turn informed the police who came on time and saved a life.

The women police consuled the lady and found out that she was fed of her domestic problems and she wanted to get rid of them.

The police also thanked the alert shopkeeper who denied medicines without prescription at the same time thought in the right way and saved a life.

15 thoughts on “Chemist averts a suicide on the Railway track”

  1. I simply don’t understand why people take such a indecent decision,rather then finding a solution to the problems….

  2. Editor, we always have to appreciate such people. If not explicitly asked my the chemist to not publish his name, Please update his name and shop name. Such actions have to be appreciated.

  3. Hi, I really appreciate the quick thinking and humanitarian act bestowed by this noble man. Every person who attempts suicide cannot be saved.

  4. That’s a great deed indeed.. But with the rise of number suicides the depressed, stressed belgaumites thinking of railway track to go out of it. We as the citizens and also govt have to think of some solutions for this incidents not to happen further. Have seen few organisations starting with counseling sessions in Belagavi.However how many of us will go forward for counseling when we feel depressed, and how will one understand the level of depression they are getting into.. There is a sincere request to all of us, beware of the people around you. If you need someone needs help please go forward and help even small talks can be helpful. Also we should think of measures to block the railway tracks or passing with barriers/ fencing from Railway gate till 4th gate..


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