Chota Shakeel Aides Rashid Malbari gang behind Rohan Redekars kidnapping

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Rohan Redekar son of a noted businessman had gone missing On February 18, 2015 and the police claim his body has been found near Chorla Ghat after they have apprehended 6 aides of the Rashid Malbari gang.

The act has been committed by Rashid Malbari right hand of Chota Shakeel. 6 persons were staying in Belagavi only have been now taken into custody who were supposed to involved in this kidnapping.


redekar rohanThe remains of a body were recovered by the police from Chorla Ghat after the 6 persons arrested agreed to the kidnapping and then killing Rohan and throwing his body there.

The Police will now do a DNA test of the human remains found to ascertain the truth behind whose human remains have been found.

Belagavi police had got a clue in this kidnapping case a fortnight ago and a special team was formed to crack the case. Commissioner of Police denied to confirm but said that a few people have been taken into custody and in a day or two after investigations are over, he will disclose the details.

Police had for long suspected the involvement of the gang in Rohan’s kidnapping case as many of the arrested were involved in kidnapping and extortion cases in Mumbai and some parts of Karnataka including Belagavi.

Sources in the police Malabari was sheltered by some local politicians, including a former Zilla Panchayat president. Police have detained the ZP president and are questioning him. Rashid Malbari who was imprisoned in Hindlaga jail for a while made good relations with locals here and established his base here. Sources say he was staying here with the nick name of Mamu.

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