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Citizens for Society Belgaum

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citizensBy Sameer Majli
It has been a while since I started writing for All About Belgaum and have covered a variety of issues that merit attention. Some have been liked and maybe some ignored but the truth remains. This wonderful part of the world, along with its pleasantries, also has a lot of issues that merit attention. Since attention on part of the duly designated and least concerned authorities seems far from being a reality and since most of the issues remain mere publications, it is time that we find a way out and try and do our bit. It’s time for an initiative, something that we all must do together.

It is with this thought in mind that “Citizens for Society” was born. We are a group of individuals from various backgrounds and professions who got together, courtesy “All About Belgaum” and “Facebook”, to try and form a communion of sorts. The objective is to draw attention to and do something for the burning issues and needs of people and places in and around town.
Citizens for Society which commences operations in August 2013 will commence proceedings by making noteworthy contributions to education in town. The task is to improve the infrastructure, facilities and educational interventions in small vernacular medium schools in town. One of the primary objectives is to prepare the students for collegiate education through perspective development and training in the use of English as a medium of communication. The task would also involve activities aimed at providing a better exposure and training to the faculty at the various schools. The organization seeks to go beyond mere monetary contributions and aspires to make a more holistic change in the way education is imparted in the vernacular medium schools. We invite followers of AAB to share their ideas and concerns regarding issues pertaining to specific schools if they know of any.1
The members of the organization would conduct awareness campaigns to highlight other issues pertaining to sanitation, healthcare, pollution and the development of civic sense and social concern.
Citizens for Society seeks to reach out to every individual who is committed and concerned about the happenings in society and we aspire to include a large number of individuals from various backgrounds and professions on a platform characterized by equality of individuals and transparency of operations.
Future plans of the organization include making contributions to healthcare, geriatric care and the all-important task of instilling the philosophy of social concern and civic sense.
We are proud to be associated with All About Belgaum as our media partner as we seek to reach out to Belgaumites and non-Belgaumites across the globe to muster enough numbers and strength to make our bit of difference in this sweet part of the blue planet.
People who are interested in joining hands for a cause are requested to get in touch with
Sameer Majli: 09611313919

CITIZENS FOR SOCIETY-Together, we can make “The Difference”.

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  1. nice initiative. …. There are many people who wish to contribute in one or the other way but lack a platform to do so … Ur initiative will provide a platform. ..I wish to be part of this initiative ….
    Pushpak R H


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