Citizens oppose garbage depot at Benakanhalli

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Citizens of Kallehol, Benkanhalli, and Sulga villages, have strongly opposed the setting up of a new solid waste depot project at Benkanhalli village.

The villagers also submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner regarding the same.

A large number of citizens from Kallehol and Sulga villages, including Benkanhalli, were present at the DC office this morning to oppose the establishment of a Garbage depot.

As the solid waste depot at Turmuri is insufficient to collect and dispose of waste from Belagavi city, a new waste depot will be set up at the grazing ground near Benkanhalli village.

An order for the same has been issued by the Deputy Commissioner on June 5.

However, the villagers of Benkanhalli, Kallehol and Sulga as well as other villages in the area have come forward and opposed this garbage depot because this waste depot will pollute the entire environment in the area.

benkan kachra depot

Ashrayanagar is a settlement of about one thousand to twelve hundred people near the site of this depot. Similarly, FCI warehouse near the proposed garbage depot.

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