City Corporation envisages Oxygen plant in Belagavi

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The second wave of the pandemic has caught all unaware and the lack of infrastructure, especially Oxygen generation is the main issue.

A city like Belagavi which has seen a huge spike in cases and scenes of families trying to get an oxygen bed for their loved ones is a horrific tale to tell.

To add to the woes, Oxygen supply to NGOs has been banned based on some logic and order which is causing more chaos.

Now the Sakal reports that the Belagavi city corporation has envisaged building an Oxygen generation plant in Belagavi.


The story adds this plant will help the oxygen requirements of the city to some extent now and also in the future.

A plan has been submitted to the Govt and approval is yet to be accorded.

The plant will be set up in association with some private company on Corporation land.

5 thoughts on “City Corporation envisages Oxygen plant in Belagavi”

  1. I feel O2 plant a necessity in Belagavi since long back as most industries needs industrial O2 .I wondered long back even in 90s no O2 plant isn’t in city & depending Kolhapur & Hubballi.

  2. Hope the asset created is not lost to time or fire hazard as unlike a RO filter negligence in oxygen plant can lead to explosion.. please train and constitute a team to maintain it also..


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