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City Corporation to bear Indira Canteen expenses of 60 Lakhs a month

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The expenses t be paid to the contractor running the Indira Canteens will have to be paid b the Belagavi city corporation and expenses for a month will come to Rs. 60 lakhs.

Currently only one Canteen is operational but the other five will be operational in some time and the monthly expenses to be paid to contractor for all the canteens will be almost 60 lakhs a month.

The State government has issued an order to such an effect sources said.

The construction was also made from the funds of the corporation only.

7 thoughts on “City Corporation to bear Indira Canteen expenses of 60 Lakhs a month”

  1. I have to share with you that the concept of the Indira cateen is of state government that too the Congress party’s idea , to bear the expenses of the same by the city corporation, is it not Nesceary to obtain the council approval for such things, it seems something else to do with best efforts to do Good and trasferant goverance so people can trust the party’s work. Thanks for information about this matter.

  2. A wolf stands up for elections and addresses a herd of sheep. After a long speech making tall claims he promises that winters are nearing and he would provide free sweaters to all. Everyone claps with rejoice until one young sheep asks, “from where would the wool come?”

  3. I wonder if the city corporation as that kind of funds . It’s more likely that corporations manage the units under their jurisdiction and are reimbursed by the state Govt.

  4. Y should Corporation bear it. As it is idea of Congress. They should bear the expenses. Corporation will then force on local public of BELGAUM. And if corporation is having so much funds y not use for development of city


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