City shuts at 9

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After the recent communal violence which gripped the city on Monday is now back to normal but it shuts at 9pm. 

The police are taking no chances and are closing the city at 9 pm and SP Sandeep Patil said this would continue for a few more days.

After 10pm each one going on the road is stopped, inquired and then left. Auto drivers who work in night have been told to submit their auto numbers and their details to the local police station.

At 9 pm the main city area is completely closed and very few people are seen on the roads. The police keep on patrolling the entire city and even the SP himself was seen patrolling at night.

Early to bed and early to rise makes Belgaumites Healthy, Wealthy, peaceful and wise. 

7 thoughts on “City shuts at 9”

  1. Why diferent rules for diffreent cities. If mumbai has riots, the cutoff os 1 midnight, if Bangalore has riots the cutoff is 11 pm if Belgaum then 9pm..

  2. The city of Belgaum which had seen communal violence is well controlled by the police. Good job by the SP and the cops. Hope the culprits are caught and punished severely by the law.

  3. Dear Editor,

    Bgmites are still awaiting detail report related to murder of Asif….similar to one like chetan…this is important to know the actual motive behind this murder.

    Tks in advance for keeping us updated on the situation…..
    Our salutation to SP of belgaum for bringing the situation under control within couple of days.

  4. It was mentioned that the lights were not working when the chetan was stabbed,
    other wise killers would have caught,
    was the lights working when other person asif was stabbed ????
    are his killers already in jail???
    or it is not neccessary to know about the advancements in his investigations????????


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