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Class 10 student Ansh Rao makes electric car from Scrap

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The recent pandemic has proved that there is no dearth to creative pursuits if one has the will and determination to excel. Unleashing the true potential is what each one of us should crave for.

A genius is in the making at KLES’ International School, Belagavi. Ansh Rao of class 10 has bowled over everyone by designing a two-seater electric car from scrap, donated by various factories and acquaintances.

Of course, the idea to design one’s own car had been toying in young Ansh’s head right since he was a little boy. This idea took wings during the lockdown within a span of just one month from June to July with the right blend of time management, resources and sponsorship.

ansh rao car

Initially, the chassis had to be designed and Ansh with his unique craftsmanship did a brilliant job; following which he had to assemble the rest of the parts in a garage. The hunt for the garage was also a great task as the right conditions had to be sought to accomplish this one of a kind goal.It lasted two months and finally Ansh was able to procure the perfect garage which suited his needs.

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The electric car designed by Ansh has remarkable features which include an inbuilt camera wherein there is simply no need of any rear view mirrors and an anti theft feature which sounds an alarm when in trouble. It takes 4-5.5 hours to charge and achieve the mileage of 30-40 km/hour. Ansh is all set to include new features amongst which the solar panels are the first additions.

It is indeed a proud moment for the school. Ansh has truly set the ball rolling for a lot of amateurs to try their hand at achieving the unachievable. Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley, and the staff have appreciated Ansh’s Herculean efforts and wished him success in his new venture.

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