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Colorful Rainbow

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After some heavy showers which hit the city at 4 pm for about 30 minutes and then the sun came out and a perfect time for Rainbow.

Dnyanesh Oulkar clicked this rainbow from Ramdev galli. A picture perfect Rainbow.



2011 10 01 16.30.55
Kalmath road when the rains stopped

7 thoughts on “Colorful Rainbow”

  1. Now day getting such gr8 rainbow is very rare occasion.. Oulkar made it to catch it through his third eye…!
    thanks for the same.

  2. Fantastic pic, its been ages since I last saw rainbow in sky I really miss the natural beauty of BGM the picture brought back my child hood memory of heavy rains in belgaum and getting drenched while going to school or coming back to home from school. I sincerely hope BGM does not follow the concrete jungle culture of metro cities so that we can get to enjoy such natural phenomena.

    Thanks to Dnyanesh for such wonderful picture.


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