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Bhartesh BBA college student dies in accident

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Bhartesh BBA college student dies in accident

One college student doing his bachelors in business administration Rohit Ramesh Jain aged 19, died near Bhutramatti( VTU) on the NH 4 in an accident involving a car and truck. He was the only son. His parents survive him.

Five college friends had been there for lunch in a dhaba in a Skoda car. A truck suddenly put the brakes and the skoda crashed into the truck causing the accident. The other 4 have escaped with very minor injuries namely Tejas S Bhandari, Raju Gaikwad, Mihir A Potdar & Manjunath Gavji. The accident occurred at around 2pm on Thursday.

The last rites will be done at the Shahpur Crematorium at 9.30 am.
This is a great to loss to me as I knew him from the time he was kid.

4 thoughts on “Bhartesh BBA college student dies in accident”

  1. This info is wrong. These guys were drunk and driving. Its ok if you do not give us news, but request you not to mis guide us. Now I doubt how many such wrong info lies in your blogs.

  2. This info is not wrong publicly and even in police records there is no mention of they being drunk. So the question of me giving wrong news is out of question.and if you doubt how many tihngs in this blog are lies then you are most welcome not to see this blog. I am making an effort to connect you guys to your city and by no means I try to make my own news.awaiting your reply


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