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City Corporation Belagavi wants to cancel you right to approach the court of judicial redress 

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The city corporation Belagavi will commence its Trade license drive in the city from June 20 and when AAB accessed the Trade license Form we were astonied and preposterous to see this line in Kannada when translated says – “I do not have any right to approach court of law opposing corporation in any decision they make in respect of my business/industry activity. “

This is violation of a fundamental right to approach the court of judicial redress which is given to every citizen.

But the city Corporation seems to be above the rule of the land and wants to take away such right of every citizen who applies for a trade license.

Infact no such statement is visible on the declaration page of the trade license issued by BBMP (Bengalauru Mahanagar Palike).

So if this is the case then why is this special line by the Belagavi city Corporation.
Some questions which the Corporation must redress –

How can the Corporation deny any right given by the constitution by taking a undertaking ?

Is it fair to take such an undertaking?

Does this undertaking have any Locus standi?

Under which act does the corporation get this right to take this undertaking?

1 thought on “City Corporation Belagavi wants to cancel you right to approach the court of judicial redress ”

  1. Legally, nobody can take away your right to seek judicial intervention. Its a fundamental right and such undertaking are both illegal and non-binding. Belgaum corporation is known for illegalities, especially in recent times. One PIL or writ petition, whichever suitable or applicable, will make them put their tails between their legs! Just a matter of one person needed to bell the cat 😉


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