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CLC hits Belgaum markets

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By uday

These are by no means some chemical formula. This is Infact business formula being used by businessmen in Belgaum.
CLC- According to them means Company Landing Cost
C2C- means Cost to cost

Discounts and offers have been prevailing the markets since the markets began. But in a few years the trend of cheap goods and heavy discounts have been the lime light and the same has been followed not only by small traders but also organized retail on a national basis.

The current trend in Belgaum, I think the credit goes to an electronic shop, which wanted to shut shop so started the CLC. It also worked for it I believe, then its sister concerns stared the same trend in ready-mades and saris. And then what as it happens in India, he made money by doing such a thing come we will also do the same way. So at the moment according to my knowledge there must be at least 5-6 big shops selling goods in that method of CLC. This time of the year normally the business is normally dull due to rains and other reasons. Hence traders tend to give some kind of discount to get rid of their stocks.

Some others feel that this is being done just Big Bazzar will open its door for business so that the consumers will not leave the traditional market. But friends when there is competition and the market widens the only thing that will eventually happen over a period of time is that the market will grow both ways, the traditional as well as the malls. In a place Bangkok where I have seen with my own eyes the business done by the small trader just outside mall is now much more than he used to do when there was no mall here.

In short it’s the consumer is king and he will know what CLC really meant.

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