Ganpati Bappa Morya ! Phudchya Varshi Lavkar ya

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By uday

Its 4 hours since the procession began and now the 26th Ganpati has just passed the Hutatma Chowk. There are another 100 in line so it will be tomorrow morning 8am for the last Ganpati to be immersed into Kapileshwar tirth.

The excitement is hitting the highest point at this time with a many many people around 150 people per mandal are present. And of course the on lookers are in huge lots waiting on the side watching this magnificent galore. The Zanjh and the Dhol are in great sound all over with a few Dolby systems also. In all its a great time to be in between as its night and petrol has gone inside the stomach and now its just the energy coming out.

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