I feel I am in Maharashtra:Thanks to HESCOM


Since the past week or so, I and Belgaumites as well must be feeling as if they are in Maharashtra. Thanks to HESCOM (Hubli Electric Supply Company). In the past few days there has been un disclosed load shedding twice to thrice a day. The best part is the lights go off at nay time they wish, no timetable at all. I guess this is because of the shortage, but friends be ware this is first week of March and still April land May have to come, we can only expect the load shedding to go up and may be even we will face the power shortage as in Maharashtra, where there is load shedding for 12 to 16 hours in the whole state. Lets hope for the best…





  1. I ferl all the street lights should be changed like govaves circle to over bridge liightes to make Belgaum beautyful

  2. The only soultion is Belgaum should have its own power commision unlike HESCOM , Why not expand Tat power comapny output more than 81 MW where are the new perojects stalled so far , one from Western Elcetric Power ciompany WESCO and other from State govt ,
    The near future Belgaum will have mega storage and ditribtuiion centre for Gas pipelines of Relinec and ONGC , whay not start gas based triggered Power palnts operational whcih were snactioned to Belgaum ,
    We can have NESCO grid Norther Karnatak electric company Belgaum
    I hope many other hear this in the ministry ,

    common Belgaumite make some differnce to you life dont keep dozing

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