Lashkar, JKLF, SIMI used Yellamma Gudda as terror camp’

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Source: New Indian Express
The obscure Yellama Gudda (hill) in Savadatti taluk in the district has been a training base for dreaded terrorists of Lashkar-e-Toibha, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and SIMI for the last five to six years.

This was revealed by Asadulla Abubakar, one of the terror suspects arrested in the State, according to sources in the Corps of Detectives.

According to sources, Abubakar, during interrogation, revealed that camps lasting four to five months each, and held every two months, covered bomb making, target practice at forests in Kalghatagi taluk and planning activities.

The hill, spread around 40 sq km and straddling the districts of Belgaum and Dharwad, was frequented by terrorists based in the State.

The shrine, which is the spiritual centre of lakhs of Hindu devotees from Karnataka and Maharashtra, nestles on a hilly terrain and not easily accessible.

The terrorists used to frequent a mosque which had no approach, about five km from the Yellamma Temple.

Hindus and Muslims in Savadatti mingled freely and celebrated festivals together.
Most of the shops located on the premises of the Yellamma Temple belonged to Muslims, who sold pooja articles.
Since the two communities lived with mutual trust, the terrorists went about their nefarious activities without being suspected.
As a result, some unsuspecting residents also provided shelter to the terrorists who identified themselves as Mullas, Fakirs or students. They explained away the guns saying they used them to shoot birds.

Abubakar disclosed that Mohammad Ghouse, Adnan, students of KIMS and a few hoteliers of Belgaum used to visit the centre.

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