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Mr Ramesh Kudchi you are a Public Servant: From Belgaum Concerns

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By uday

“The below story says how our MLA’s greed for publicity turns their attitude inhuman, what if the name was not mentioned in the invitation list, these poor ladies would have given good wishes to you , but Mr Kudchi take the curse now”

BELGAUM: Hundreds of women who had brought their new born babies to get Delivery Kits returned home empty hand. The function organised to issue the kits under Madilu scheme was indefinitely postponed following the objections by city MLA Ramesh Kudachi. Read Full Story

1 thought on “Mr Ramesh Kudchi you are a Public Servant: From Belgaum Concerns”

  1. PLZ GET UR LEGAL FACTS CORRECT…its obvious that he will be angry ! its a protocol the officials have to follow whenever a state sanctioned program is initiated the city mla heads it when his name goes missing on invitaion card its naturally irresponsibility of the officials and for later which they apologised…BUT IT WAS TOO LATE…
    mr.ramesh kudchi is a patient man it has happened to him before but this time he lost his cool if anybody would be in his place u would have too!


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