Potholes vs. Belgaumites: Potholes 1-0

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By uday

The scene of any road in Belgaum looks alike, with potholes all over the place some being invisible due to water filled in it.

On 8th august the potholes took one life when a 42 year old lady tried to skip a few of these potholes by her kinetic and while doing this she fell down and was over driven by a bus. The incident happened near the kolhapur cross. Agitated people staged a roadblock and made the municipal authorities to come there and asked the authorities not to travel in car but on a motorcycle so that they can understand the hardships faced by the common people. A few people took this opportunity to personally show the higher authorities the potholes which they might not have seen as they travel in the comfort of the AC car with windows and curtains.

The situation will only become worse with time to come. Some odd 100 crores were spent for the roads but the people say not even lakhs were really put in the road work all the rest went as commission at different levels.

You go on any road the potholes is a necessary and the potholes take rebirth at the same place where they had lived their happy life a few years ago. I don’t seem to understand that how do these Potholes take a reincarnation at the same place, something which bollywood must take thought of and make a Karan Arjun again.

News of thousands of injuries goes unreported every day. Small accidents happen every day while one tries to skip a pothole. In all more news of death and injury caused due to potholes will be common and one day after some one from the higher authorities falls a prey to them then only we will find the potholes filled with mud, which in turn will act as a catalyst for some more action on the road. Hope I had the magical broom of Harry Potter.

At the end its potholes 1 – Belgaumites 0.

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