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Private Buses will have no pick up points


Private buses in Belgaum, since the past 10 years or so had started pick up points in various parts of the city, especially Tilakwadi, Angol areas.

Now the traffic police have stopped the same as they these busses are causing traffic problems as they are parked on the road and that disturbs the traffic.


The police for this have booked 5 private busses. The police have asked the busses to start only form Hotel Ramdev and that there should be no pick up points in the city. Many travelers complained that by stopping this service it would be very difficult for them, as they would have to take an auto and auto charges Rs.100 from Angol to Ramdev. When complained to the police about this the police have said that if the auto does not ask fare by meter make a complaint to the police. Now you tell me friends when have you complained about the excess fare being charged to the police and when have the police responded to it.

So be prepared to shell more money for the auto to reach Ramdev to catch your bus.



  1. I have complained about the traffic issues and NON Metered auto fares ..to the DC ., in Feb month. Nothing is happening !!!!

    Police should clean up the areas just opposite their Police stations ( example : bus stand police station ) and stop allowing street side vendors using roads to sell their products and they should not allow parking on roads.

  2. It is kinda fair that private buses not be allowed into busy streets. It’s safe. One way, these private operators should handle this is by providing smaller pickup vehicles like vans, mini buses etc.
    On the other hand, the other private mini-bus operators are a big nonsense and the autos in Belgaum are a worth less piece to so called “Services”. Never ever have they operated on meters and never have they charged sensibly. Only thing you hear from their mouth is “we dont get return trip” so we have to pay for their incompetence/stupid logic.
    Hope I had enough money to run my own local transport is Belgum on meters.

  3. Hi Uday,
    This sounds abosulutley crazy to me,is the traffic polic gone mad or what. At the end of the day again it is the comman man who will suffering. Most of these buses will start after 7:30 or 8:00 pm when traffic is not too much and more over they dont travel in the middle of any busy market in belgaum. It looks like this is another way to make quick money by traffic dept. Next i guess they will say Ramdev is a hotel and not bus stand so buses should not start from ramdev they should start from other place outside belgaum. that means to catch this long journey busy we have to go out of belgaum and catch them. let god give some brain to traffic department. Already RTO inspector is raided now i think lokayukta should raid these traffic police department people.

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