Sheetal so unlucky

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By uday

The recent Sheetal Chougule murder has been the talk of the town since the day it appeared in the papers.


Be it anybody, when they meet the first topic is about the murder. Infact I don’t know how but some pictures are circulating in the city, which I don’t know from where they have got it but they can’t be seen, You need a tough heart to see it, that’s what I was told.


Many people told me that those pictures were taken from the Rajdeep bunglow, the place where Sheetal was raped and murdered. The discussion I heard about those photos was so bad I just said its enough I can’t hear anymore.


How could his husband do it? He had 3 kids from Sheetal and the news is that Sheetal was pregnant at the time she was murdered. How cruel can any person be? And he himself left her at the bunglow and went off and the gang did the rest. Some people say that she was tortured UN humanly, raped and then murdered.


All these things I have written here are all the things I have heard from people from her village Mannur and others who were close to her.


The bandh was a total success but will the Killers be caught is the question.


So in humane deeds I cant write anymore on this, I feel pity on the little children left behind. What was their fault? They don’t have a mother nor will they go to their father?

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