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Vote for UkMaD! Vote for UkMaD!

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By uday

Fellow Belgaumites, by no means I am standing for the current Belgaum Municipal elections. But as yesterday ended and 82 aspirants withdrew their nominations now 389 aspirants will fight each other for the 57 wards and Vote for someone will be the shout of the week I guess.

Only in one ward the fight is one to one and all over else its 8 – 9 minimum with 15 being maximum in one ward. The campaigning will begin from today as only 7 days remain for polling on the 28th.

This time the election to the Belgaum Corporation is becoming a question of pride for the Karnataka Govt & also the Kannada speaking groups. Normally Belgaum is dived into three, Marathi speaking, Kannada speaking and Urdu speaking. The Urdu speaking community normally lends its hands to the Congress or other parties but basically go with the Kannada speaking lot. So the fight is straight again. For so many years since the formation of the Belgaum Corporation the Marathi speaking people have had their say almost all the time.

With Belgaum being declared the second capital this time it will be a prestigious fight for the Kannadaigas and for the same cause all major parties such as the Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and the Janata Dal (Secular) have joined hands with Kannada and Urdu-speaking lot and formed “Sarvapaksha Sarvabhashik Chunavana Samithi (SSCS) under the leadership of district in-charge Minister Shashikant Naik with the sole intention of getting to power.

Now this is opportunist politics, all parties come together to fight what marathi speaking people. One more thing is, why this time all fear that they might loose hence the yare forming an alliance. But friends, will this help us in way, I say a BIG NO. But we cant cry over this either the same thing is happening in the Delhi so, Yatha Raja Tatha Praja.

I just make a request all those who will be here please vote and vote for a person who will work for you (the voters) and not for him.

BIG BAZAAR is doing BIG business and the parking done on the Khanapur road is causing some problems for traffic also.

9 thoughts on “Vote for UkMaD! Vote for UkMaD!”

  1. You guys are amazing!! when the country is growing at 9.2%, you still want to divide the nation on based on language and caste. Let me ask you a simple question! How does it matter if belgaum is in karnataka or maharashtra? How does it matter if ppl speak kannada or marathi? Education, food and shelter are more important and they know no language or caste barriers!! So stop acting like small kids and grow up!!

  2. dear friend it all about human rights and language, cast creed etc. china is frowing faster than India but is not democratic country, do you prefer such a regime, one who suffers knows the pain.

    If you cant understand the pain pls stay away from it. the fight is not against any language, but it is only for basic human rights

  3. the above topic what u friends are discussing has already been discussed …. if want to know what the actual problem in belgaum is .. u people better read the topic in this blog named ” The Beginning Of The End” …. ukmad and i have dicussed this topic quite deeply … though incomplete and as ukmad said an ever ending topic .. we have tried to discuss it very cleanly..
    and my friend above who gave the second comment, i dont think so u have the right to ask somebody to stay away from a topic of discussion related to belgaum … he has given his views and u have given ur views .. each one has his own set of views .. u cannot stop a person like this .. u spk of china not being a democratic country and in a country where democracy is born u try to prove it wrong… each one of us has his right spk ..this is india … jai hind

  4. No offesnse meant!
    What human rights? Please enlighten me! What oppressive regime are we under, what human right are we talking about? Are we talking about the same human rights like the african contries or the former yugoslovia?

    There were no barriers for language when the marathas ruled maharashtra and the vijaynagar ruled northern part of karnataka.
    We all fought to protect our country and our age old heritage!

    Shivaji maharaj ruled bangalore and kannada’s greatest saint purandaradasa was from purandargad!
    We co-existed as brethern!

    Shivaji or krishnadevaraya, how does it matter? Can you downplay the sacrifices made by all the ppl who fought with them to protect our culture and heritage of this great country of ours??

    And oppressive rule??? please read the news carefully! Dont we know whats happening in vidharba? Farmers killing themselves just cuz they could not pay back the money they borrowed from a high ranking politician cum money lender?
    Why cant you guys go and use your skills of protest and struggle there? Fight for the really oppressed. Channelize the great potential to seek justice for the really oppressed!

    You have a gift to write, use it in a contructive way !

    jai bharati, jai virupAksha, jai bhavani, !

  5. my friend thank you for enlightening us with so many facts .. but i would like ask you a simple question .. is problems faced by belgaumites not a problem ? ?? for so many years we have been facing problems,..fightening for our basic needs .. arent these problems of no concern to the people of this country .. ???? i understand what you are trying to say .. but .. dont u know that we too got some similar kind of problems here …. whether it is belgaum or vidharba … i dont find any difference in the two types of problems … and ofcourse everybody has got the writing skills .. and this is one way we are using it …

  6. Dear shri. Sunny,

    Everyone faces problems. Trust me friend, the problems faced by people of belguam are the same problems we face everywhere ! Do you know how bangalore is right now? Its worse than belgaum! The corruption, the population, the bribery, the collapsing infrastructure, criminalization, the bomb threats, electricity, flooding,.. you name it you got it!! I ask you, is mumbai any better? So just by being a part of some state wont make things any better !

    We always talk about problems and blame the govt. Who is this govt? what is it made of? Who puts them in power? Can you garuntee that belgaum will be better than it is today just because it will be classified to be in MA? Tell me how ? The district admin will still be under a Dept Commr and Spdt of police appointed by the Cntrl Govt.

    Corrupt kannada legilators will be replaced by corrupt marathi legislators! The only difference will be, they will sit in mumbai vidhan bhavan rather than in bangalore vidhan soudha! Boards will be rewritten in marathi! But will people change? Will their character (good or bad) change? Why this dispute?

    If we think that just by being part of some group/state, will solve our problems, we would all like to be a part of USA or Europe where there is no struggle for day to day existence like our people do! Don’t you agree? And we should agree if we are really concerned with the problems of belgaum and not the language problem !

    Who creates problems? Its us! We create problems and expect a miracle solution from the govt! Is it like keeping the govt busy or what! All these will just give ammo to hooligans, rowdies and corrupt politician to take advantage of the situation, nothing else!

    We need to come together, kannadigas or marathas, telguites or tamilians, we, the people need to solve our problems. Not create more problems. We need to debate our basic problems, language or group should not be our problems! We can all communicate in what ever language we want, live anywhere we want whether in KA or MA , our country and the constitution have guaranteed that right and no one can deny us that right! So why fight for something which has already been guaranteed?

    All the ill will that this entire border dispute has generated between kannadigas and marathas pain every true Indian!

    Our work should be towards establishing a true society without fear or barriers. The true dream of Tilak!! Isnt that what freedom means?

    Jai bharathi, jai bhavani, jai virupaksha

  7. i strongly support u with ur thoughts .. definitely a country cannot be developed or region cannot prosper just on the basis of language or caste … this is what even i tried to tell in the topic “The Beginning Of The End” in this blog.. i request u to read it once if u havent … and its true that there is no guarantee that the elected gov will work for the betterment of the region … but on what basis u decide to vote ?? unless u know that the government has worked or u should have an extremely high confidence that it will work .. i would support the first …

    and coming to unity … as a belgaumite i dont think so there has been any clash between the common kannada and marathi people … its only the politician who try to create the differences … its more than 25 yrs i have been leaving with my kannada and marathi friends .. we never had that problem in us …

    whether belgaum is in karnataka or maharastra .. seriously speaking it should hardly matter me..
    but right now its in karnataka .. and i wish to live here … with my same kannada and marathi friends..

    jai hind

  8. I think we Belgaumites are best to decide where and why to belong. If we want to belong to Maharashtra its no body’s business. Despite Vidarbha blah blah (as if suvarna karnataka is better than it) issues we have and are demanding to go to Maharashtra. IT DOES matter to us. So perhaps let kannadigas make their heart big and accept the truth. No maska or melodramatic patriotic talks will fool us. Yes we are Indians and Marathi speakers too, and hence we want to go to Maharashtra.


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