Common man becomes Traffic Cop regulates traffic

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Almost everyday, beginning from the morning peak hour, traffic religiously comes to a standstill near First gate when the railway gate is reopened. A motorist has to meet a myriad of challenges only to reach their destination late.

Moulish Mody regulating traffic in Belagavi
Moulish Mody regulating traffic in Belagavi

This afternoon a common man Moulesh Mody, who is a businessman parked his car on the side and then regulated the chaotic traffic after the gate reopened at First gate. No traffic cop was seen nearby.

His gesture of coming and regulating traffic was a shock to many and also a lesson to each one.

We salute his gesture.

5 thoughts on “Common man becomes Traffic Cop regulates traffic”

  1. good work…
    let they close the whole lane as they did earlier.. then there wont be blocks..
    it will be better to take a U turn rather then getting stuck in traffic..

  2. Very laudable effort by Mr Maulaesh Mody. Some time back the Commissioner Of Police Mr Ravi had assured me that Traffic Police will be posted at First Gate and RPD Cross to ensure smooth flow of traffic. But alas, such assurances are never backed by action and hence we citizens have to do the duty of traffic cops.

  3. First of all good job by Maulesh Mody. But by law I think we are not supposed to do that as a common man. Why can’t we always a police at this point and else where as there is so much traffic all the time and specially when the gates are closed and opened when the train passes. Shame on traffic police. I hope they learn from this incident.


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