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Communal violence rips Few areas of Belagavi again

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Stone pelting at khadak Galli khanjar Galli Jalgar Galli and surrounding areas on Monday night at 11.

Auto car burnt.

ACP shankar marital injured in the stone pelting.

Miscreants even entered homes and destroyed household goods. Tear gas shells used to disperse crowd. Situation tensed but under control.

Again and again miscreants are trying to create communal tension in the above areas.

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4 thoughts on “Communal violence rips Few areas of Belagavi again”

  1. Which houses they have entered and why . I appeal All Right wing groups to take a morcha in these areas and talk to people who’s houses are affected. Police should take a meeting with residents of both. Community and ask why this specific community is troubling the other community and what is their problem. What is making them to create such atmosphere in belgavi , what will they gain from all this,, A meeting should be taken by the police immediately,,,,,,

  2. What the hell if this continues then I bet u the city will Neva grow. This is what’s exceptional in metro cities. Please live n let live. live happily peace n safe .only n only once v get life y don’t u think about it .enjoy it rather then these unfruitful activities later in life u will regret that u could have made ya life beautiful.please think onto it it’s in our hands.

  3. Hi All
    1st install CCTV camera facing both street of Community
    all will be thinking that Muslim people is starting all this, LET ME CLEAR YOU IN PROPER WAY THAT
    WE ARE NOT DOING THIS ALL , instead of pointing to each other , better way is that we should install CCTV camera,
    let me tell you that most of the Muslim people are working on day to day wages ,
    like Fruit cart and many more wages work, if we start we will suffer more
    we have that much sense, this all issue is starting from other people who not even belongs to belgaum also
    people are calling from outside to this nonsense things as came to hear, BJP is doing for Further Election, let me ask you YYYY this
    type of issues not started in last previous 4 years, do you have the answer of it

    My thinking is this much who had done 1st has to punished & Other too , who ever it might be
    not just only one community should be target how done this time,
    Let POLICE do their DUTY in their way NOT by politician way under pressure


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