Congress Road: Accident zone drive carefully

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In an accident, today at 2.30pm on Congress road (opp. Arun theatre) the two wheeler was caught up at the back of a city bus. congress1

 In the photo it is clear that the city bus was about to stop at the bus shelter when the two wheeler from behind ramped in.

congress3There were no serious injuries to the driver of the two wheeler, but this raises the question of safe driving on Congress Road.


Many don’t know that Congress road is a accident prone zone, everyday or alternate days there is some minor accident that occurs around the Arun theatre area. Most of these cases go un registered as the cause of accident is skidding on most occasions or just minor bruises to both humans and vehicles.

The speed limit is 40 kph on Congress road but no one adheres to it and this is main cause of accidents. There are a lot of side roads from where traffic joins the main congress road which is again a cause of worry.


If any of you have suffered on the road or have seen similar scenes, do leave a comment.

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  1. this route is the most dangerous route in belgaum city because a lot of vehicles come from goa side which are driven in high speed and on the other hand it is one of the routes by which college students go to their colleges. installation of traffic signals is required here and also speed breakers are a must.


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