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Congress road should be declared Accident zone

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Today at 2.05pm two motorcycles collided with each other injuring one seriously and two others.

The accident occurred near Arun Theatre on Congress Road (the cross road towards hotel Panchamrut). A motorcyclist coming in full speed from First gate towards military Mahadev collided with another motorcyclist who was coming wrong side on the same road trying to go towards first gate.

The police immediately came in and fortunately a Police jeep was passing by which took the injured to hospital. The 108 ambulance which was called in by on lookers came later.

Residents of the area demanded that speed breakers be put up near the side roads approaching the Congress road so that such accidents done take place. Similar accidents have take place many a times on the same road and most of the time they go unreported and hence nothing is done by the authorities, Santosh Purohit a local resident told this blog. There are as many as 8 cross roads on Congress road from Military Mahadev to first railway gate.

Commuters on Congress road normally are in full speed and suddenly when some vehicle comes in cross the road either they collide or skid after applying brakes urgently.

5 thoughts on “Congress road should be declared Accident zone”

  1. Speed Breakers and dividers appear and disappear everyday on Congress Road, Just today afternoon, the divider opp Santesha Motors was being made again.Congress Road is more like property of the people (people of Great Repute as u call them) rather than Belgaum City Corporation.

  2. Few days ago the policemen had used the interceptor vehicle to check for overshooting Traffic rules including Speed violation of all vehicles..
    But i believe right now, the interceptor vehicle its officers are at rest in the Police HQ Garage at Belgaum…

  3. Friends, is it not our falt in respect of overspeeding, jumping signals etal ? Why blame Police ? When police request to put helmet we feel irritated. But mind U. My friend Anil A who met with accident on NH 4 around two months before was survived because he was riding a bike with helmet. Parents, educate Ur children about imporatance of Road safety. A life lost is or maimed is too valuable that U can not un do as we do in computer.
    I am proud of a ploice man who repriminded me when I was talking in Mobile at College Road when I was driving a car, near Sanman Hotel. Because of his sense of duty , I felt ashanmed that being a post gradute, I did not follow traffic rules. Let us follow the traffic rules even in absence of a cop. At the end of the day they bother us in respect of our safety only.
    Pampapathi B Desai, Income Tax Inspector, Belgaum.


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