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Construction workers protest against ban on Sand mining

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Hundreds of construction workers from various places in the district gathered near Halga to protest against the ban on sand mining due to which they have been denied their livelihood.Protest lati charge suvarn asoudha Protest lati charge suvarn asoudha1

Workers involved in construction, plumbing, fabrication, fitters, centering, slab, tiles layers, carpenters depending on construction work were now out of their jobs due to sand transport ban. For the past two months the construction work in the city has come to a halt with no availability of sand and prices shooting almost 3-4 times than normal. As there was no sand available many of the daily wagers are finding it difficult to meet their daily needs.

The police had to resort to Lathi Charge to remove the protesters from the Highway which was blocked by them for over two hours. ADC Praveen Kumar assured them that by October 8 the matter would be solved.

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