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Contamination of Wells Further Burdens Belagavi Residents

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By uday

The past few months have been a living nightmare for the residents of Math Galli. Once blissful and unaffected by the rampant water shortages faced by other Belagavi residents, they now find themselves in a dire situation. The water in their wells has become contaminated by drainage water seeping in, leaving them with no access to clean water.

This is not an isolated incident, but rather a widespread issue throughout Belagavi city where well water has become contaminated. Compounding the problem is the fact that the water supply is only available once a week, and the old wells that still contain water are now unusable due to contamination.

To elaborate further, the contamination of well water is a serious concern that affects the health and well-being of the community. It is imperative that immediate action is taken to address this issue and ensure that safe and clean water is accessible to all residents.

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The limited availability of water supply exacerbates the situation, making it even more challenging for individuals and families to access the water they need for daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

The drainage system in the area remains clogged, causing the flow to become choked and the contaminated water to permeate into all the wells in the vicinity. The residents are suffering greatly due to this unfortunate situation. To make matters worse, the water supplied by the municipality or corporation is now only available once a week or every ten days, leaving the residents with no respite.

The unusability of old wells that were once a reliable source of water is also a significant setback. It highlights the urgent need for alternative solutions to be explored and implemented to ensure that the community has access to a sustainable and safe water supply.

We appeal to the water and sewage board to take immediate action to unclog the drainage and stop the seepage. This will allow all the residents to clean their wells and start using them once again.

The contamination of well water and the limited availability of water supply are critical issues that require immediate attention and action. It is essential that the relevant authorities take swift and effective measures to address these challenges and ensure that the community has access to safe and clean water.

5 thoughts on “Contamination of Wells Further Burdens Belagavi Residents”

  1. The wells in Vadgaon are also contaminated. A complaint was raised with the Belagavi corporation but no one attended the issue. The corporator admitted that this issue is widespread and they are not able to attend to all complaints. The residents are suffering due to inaction by authorities

  2. Sir we have solution to maintain drainage efficently solving cloging problem we have professonal hydrlic machineries we need support of finance from any Ngo trust or govt Aksya Motars kapleshwar colany Bgm
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  3. Smart city project should have first addressed drainage problem of Belagavi which is extensive,water supply second rather than go for fancy cycle tracks which are not used,fancy street lights and fancy bus shelters.
    We should have learnt from London city problems in 19 century.Health protection should be priority.


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