Corporation asked to hand over School Property to Mokashi by July 30


The high court while hearing an appeal filed by the Belagavi City Corporation in regards to a school quashed its appeal saying sufficient time was given to you earlier to give the documents for your claim on the property but as you have not done it, the property has to be transferred to the Mokashi’s by July 30, 2016.

There is a Marathi medium school on the 3 acres and 36 guntas of land at Chavat Galli over which Jaivunisa Mokashi had claimed ownership of that piece of land. The Civil court ion March had awarded the ownership to the Maokashi’s and hence on April 4 the Mokashi’s had gone to take possession of the same when the Corporation realized it fault and got an interim stay.
Judge V F Patil quashed the petition filed by the City corporation. Now the Corporation plans to go to a higher court for appeal.




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