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Corporation commissioner hammered with Civic problems

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The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Womens organizations and other organizations today hammered the Corporation commissioner with a list of civic problems with photos so that, they wont give a lame excuse. A detailed memorandum was prepared and submitted along with photos and we are proud many photos from this blog also found its place in the memorandum.

In the over two hours meeting with the members of the Chamber and other organisations, the Commissioner did promise to set up a toilet for women before Ganapti at Hutatma Chowk and also assured of one more in Bhave Chowk. chamber
Also a no hawkers zone would be created and marked lines of hawkers would be implement.
When a question was asked about what happened to those toilets purchased during the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana, the authorities said a few were bad and rest were there in the go down. The commissioner immediately ordered the same to installed immediately.

With respect to the road from 3rd gate to Macche, where the NHAI and the Corporation and playing a game of passing the pillow, the Commissioner was asked to speak to the NHAI officials then and there and eventually, corporation would fill in the pot holes as of now.

The Chambers office would be allowed to be used by the commissioner or his subordinates once a month for grievance handling.

With respect to man holes (all our stories reported here) a detailed survey of the same would be conducted and then properly closed.

 The Memorandum:

The Civic problems faced by Belgaumites are many apart from lacking infrastructure, which has affected literally every citizen in some way or the other, most of the civic woes are connected with Belgaum Corporation and this Department has been very lethargic and non transparent. Belgaum has lost its charm from being a Mahabaleshwar of poor’s and today it gives the picture of being a Garbage City.

It has lost all its beauty due to poor maintenance of cleaniness, roads etc by the Corporation. The mansoon is on the heels and its giving Belgaumites a harrowing time on the roads in the Market area of the city. Unclean and unhygienic conditions prevail all over and this situation gets arrgavated especially during rainy seasons. The Market area i.e, Zenda Chowk, Nargunkar Bhave chiwk, Raviwar peth, Kalmath road, Fort road,,Khade bazaar road, Ganpat Galli, Ramdev galli, Pangul gaalli, Shahapur, Udyamabg are the worst affected in this respect.

It is regretted that, in spite of our regular repeated appeals, the City Corporation has not paid any attention to solve the problems faced by the Citizens of Belgaum. Due to your reputation & image we are once again hopeful of making our Belgaum the ideal city of this region.

 We herewith once again bring the following facts to your kind attention for immediate action.

1. The small gutters on both sides of the road right from the Kittur Chennamma Circle down to Kakatives, Khade bazaar, Ganpat galli, Bhaji Market, Ramdev galli, Kalmath road, Fort road, Shahapur and Udyamabag have remained blocked since last many years with mud,soil, dirt etc resulting in over flowing during rainy seasons causing stagnation of snee deep stinking water in the low lying areras ie, Ganapat/Maruti galli corner, Nargundkar Bhave Chowk, Kalmath road and fort road, On account of this the traders as well as the general public visiting this area for the purpose of marketing are subjected to untold hardship.

 Many of the roads have no gutters on either side. The existing small gutters if any are full of waste/soil, as a result of which there is no passage for the rain water to flow which gets accumulated on roads during the rain. Therefore, construction of pucca gutters of adequate size is very much needed. We therefore, request you to kindly take remedial action.

2.The seasonal fruit trade on the road is posing a problem of the cleaniness of the city. The grass, cartoons, leaves, vegetables and other packing materials thrown by the fruit/vegetable vendors and other dealers has created further problems causing choking of the gutters and unclean and ugly situation in Nargunkar Bhave chowk, Market area, kalmath raod, Raviwar peth and around.

Heaps of garbage are a common scene in this busy business area. Vegetable & Fruit venders etc recklessly throw their garbage on the road making it still worse for use.It is therefore quite necessary that garbage is cleared immediately and regularly. Garbage collecting mini hand carts may be introduced wherever necessary. Action should be taken to remove garbage regularly. We request you to kindly take necessary action on regular basis to remove the filth and dirt. The private contractors collecting garbage are not collecting it regularly which has rendered unhygienic an ugly situation in the busy business areas.

 3.In many places drainage pipes have not been laid or connected. The existing drainage system at other places in not functioning and is in dilapidated condition since these pipes were fitted some 30 years ago. These pipes require complete replacement by larger size of the pipes. In many places drainage pipes have burst open and dirty water is getting and seeping in to wells. This will endanger the health of the people. The drainage pipes behind the market police chowky have not been cleaned. The system collapses during rainy season causing untold miseries to the public. The sanitary inspectors who are ignorant of the working /construction of the drainage try in vain leaving the situation remain as it is.

4. Various hawkers and vegetable venders have posed serious traffic problems in the city. Causing loss of customers to the traders and shop owners. The public are also facing inconvenience. These should be shifted proper places. The hawkers are expected to move from place to place. But they have established fixed vending. Some have giant size carts. Hence specified size carts with valid licenses may be allowed with compulsory movement. The vegetable venders sit occupying almost half of the raods causing serious traffic problems and public nuisance. It is requested to shift all the vegetable and fruit venders to Mahatma Phule Market and other specified places which have a capacity of accommodating nearly 200 or more such venders.

5.From CBT to Khadebazar corner ie, Monappa Pan Shop-this is the prominent entrance to the city, but due to encroachment by the hawkers, citizen, citizen & trade community are facing problems, corporation should take strict action against the hawkers. This road should be made ( No Hawkers zone.

 6. The public urinals especially at Pioneer Urban Bank, Raviwar Peth, Near Vyapri Sangh, Deshpande galli near Nargundkar Bhave chowk, Khade bazaar, Hutatma chowk etc are in worst condition. They are not cleaned regularly with disinfectants which have made the areas around unhygienic and prone to diseases. Immediate action may kindly to taken in this regard. Also the public visiting this area specially ladies are facing hardship due to non availability of Sulabha Souchalaya. Action may kindly be taken to provide the same at Katnataka Chowk, Near Urban Bank, Bur Market, mahatma Phule Market, Ramdev galli, nananshayan Galli and all other important areas. Provision of separate toilets for ladies may also be provided at the earliest.

 Here we would like to bring your kind attention that during the time of Vishwa Kannada samelan mobile toilets were introduced what has happened to them?

7. Heavy burden for Charges of 24 hours water supply scheme in areas where 24 hours water supply schemes is introduced the charges levied for commercial & non Domestic establishments are extremely high. It is non affordable. This should be reduced to reasonable levels after consulting trade & Industrial bodies.

8. Open man holes a death trap: The several open manhole in the city are posing a serious threat to the life of the people. Be in the posh locality or suburban areas, open man holes can be seen every where. In spite of several incidents in the past where people have fallen in these manholes and suffered injuries. Open man holes are not even barricaded or demarcated. In this regard action should be taken at the earliest in the god interest of citizens.

 9. Our industrial area at Udyamabag, is deprived of the civic amenities in spite of the maximum revenue to the Government. Necessary arrangement should be made to develop the same. Road from III rd railway gate to Peeranwadi cross is in very bad shape, every IInd day there are fatal accidents taking place on this road as this is most busiest road in the city and many industries and colleges are located in this area, this road needs immediate improvement.

10. the Chamber will offer its office premises ie, City office/udyambag office once in a month for the grievance redressal cell of corporation, if you wish to conduct the same.

11. Strict action should be taken to ban plastic bags below 20 microns in the city area.

12.Property Tax:

Property tax is a disputed issue from year 2003. The principle of taxation was changed from ARV to SAS (CVS). Acceding to citizens demands, government brought in an ordinance to set right the anomalies in taxation upto 31.3.2005. After that, amendments have been brought in for Banagalore Mahanagar palika in 2008 to set their problems by implements SAS 9UAV) instead of SAS(CVS).

 Several Chambers from Karnataka have been assured by the government authorities that simplification will be done. Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development has constituted a Fact Finding Committee under the Chairmanship of the President Federation Of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Bangalore. This Committee has submitted its report and all the Chambers are waiting a favourable consideration. As an interim measure, we request you to kindly instruct your revenue department to accept property tax on account basis, so that no default takes place and simultaneously, your revenue collection also continues.

Belgaum is suppose to be the biggest and oldest market in this region the traders/residents of the above areas pay corporation taxes regularly. The City Corporation also gets funds out of the revenue collected by the Government by way of Entry tax etc from the traders. Yet they are deprived of the basic Civic Amenities such as better roads, cleaniness infrastructure etc.

We earnestly request you to kindly take immediate action to solve the above Civic problems. It is fervently hoped that, you will be please to realize the pitiable plight of the traders/residents and public due to lack of Civic amenities.

6 thoughts on “Corporation commissioner hammered with Civic problems”

  1. They should see and take egs of Mangalore and Mysore city corporations for better developments and how a corporation city should be.

  2. On the country i say , its not anly corporation . But its we all responsible for converting Poor people Mahabaleswar to Garbbage city as said above. In our daily life we all have to maintain cleanliness for our own works .
    But in this Authorities plays a vital role .Have to take some action on the same .

  3. I think such type of civic problems should be highlighted in the local newspaper on regular basis, this will be the reminder for the persons working in the municipality. By reading such news they may at least fill ashamed & start working.


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