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Court says Angadi college stands on land which needs no clearance from Army

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This warning board was put by the Army just beside the Angadi College
The court of the II Additional civil judge has found no merit in the claim of the Colonel administration of the Army’s JL wing that the Angadi college is illegal and has refused to either declare the structures on RS> Nos 73/4A,73/5,74/2, 75/B as illegal or to issue any direction to demolish them as prayed by the Colonel in their claim.

It may be recalled that there was a lot of hues and cry over the years regarding the legal basis of the Angadi college on Savagaon Road which is next to the firing range. The army was claiming these structures to be illegal as the Suresh Angadi Education foundation did not take a NOC from the army.

Recently the state govt has withdrawn the land notified to the army.

The judgment quotes “The army had claimed that the building of the college was is in the notified area which is previously on 08-01-1981 for a period of 20 years and which is renewed in the year 2000 for further 20 years. However the government has got the denotified the same and the govt has the prerogative power to withdraw such notification and hence at this stage there is no such notification which prescribed the suit lands are in the notified area.”

The army admits that the Angadi foundation has built the building, the court opines that there are other constructions that are being built by the Karnataka Housing board and the Angadi foundation has taken all requisite permissions from Gram Panchayat.

This judgment now drops the curtain on the issue and now one will have to see what the Army does with regards to this judgment. 



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