COVID Sample testing capacity to be enhanced

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As of 21 April, results of 7231 COVID samples are pending and hence the District administration held a meeting to focus on how the testing can be increased in the district.

As of now, around 3000 samples are tested in BIMS and ICMR-NITM but the collection of samples has been hiked to an average of 6000 samples a day.

Hence sometimes there is a backlog of around 9000 samples, seeing the Regional Commissioner Amlan Biswas along with Deputy Commissioner Harish Kumar met the head of ICMR-NITM and BIMS and assured them of all the support they would require to enhance the testing.

Currently, a few samples are sent to different districts but if the same can be tested in the district itself it would be faster and the spread can be contained.

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Focus must be to enhance the capacity of testing in the district itself, Mr. Biswas said.

Within a week almost all the 6000 samples could be tested in the district itself it was opined.

Dr. Chattopadhyay, Director, ICMR-National Institute of Clinical Sciences, said, the testing capability of the sample will be increased in the laboratory.

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