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Customers don’t wear mask Shops will be fined

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The Karnataka government on Wednesday revised the fines for violations of mask rules to be levied against owners of establishments in the state.

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 4, 15 and 17 of the Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Ordinance, 2020 (Karnataka Ordinance 07 of 2020), the Government of Karnataka has made the following regulations further to amend the Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Regulations, 2020 namely:-

While driving the car alone with all the windows closed. However, while glasses are open, wearing of mask is mandatory.

Penalty for violation of regulation by the owner of public place like owner of hotel, theatre, mall or shop, etc.-


Any owner of a public place who allows in his premises the violation of sub-regulation (1) of regulation 2 shall be liable for a her in the following slabs, namely:-

(a) Non air-conditioned party halls, departmental stores — Rs. 5,000/-;

(b) Air-conditioned party halls, departmental stores, branded shops (single and multiple brands), Shopping malls — Rs. 10,000/-

(c) Starred hotels 3 star and above, marriage or convention halls with a minimum capacity of 500 persons or any other similar public places — Rs. 10,000/-(d) Organisers of public functions or rallies or gatherings or celebration — Rs. 10,000.

The order issued by the state health department on Wednesday states that the fines were revised to Rs 10,000 for owners of air conditioned party halls, departmental stores, branded shops, shopping malls, hotels (3 stars or above) and marriage halls.

Public conventions, rallies, and birthdays while non air-conditioned party hall and departmental store owners face a fine of up to Rs 5000.

Driving alone in a car with windows open also need to wear masks mandatory.

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