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DCP hints at transferring dowry case against MLA

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The dowry case registered against MLA Sambhaji Patil by her daughter in law Sheetal Patil can be transferred to Maharashtra police as she hails from Pandharapur, Maharashtra.
However the final decision will be taken only after the premlinary investigation is over as required under law, said Deputy Commissioner of Police Anupam Agarwal.

Police Inspector from Camp is investigating the matter and after the report is sought the decision will be taken.

2 thoughts on “DCP hints at transferring dowry case against MLA”

  1. Well! For information of general public… Women’s police station is most corrupt places of all. The women constables & woman PSI who was in news recently for a traffic offence, shamelessly seek money from both parties who come to lodge a complaint. The fruit vendor on Khanapuri Road beside sanchayani, gives free fruit to police and is a fixer. The cost of registering a complaint runs in thousands and the accused too cough up equally to enjoy freedom.

    The women police station is place iof nightmare for an any of innocent WOMEN victims. Even the so called women’s welfare & rights organisation representative are a super corrupt lot who connive with these men in uniform. Only MONEY speaks.

    Worst is when the CPI camp is approached, who oversees the camp police station. Seems a Hand in glove with lawyers defending victims. Systematically delaying process of registering FIR’s and filing of charge sheets!
    Can the SP or POLICE commissioner investigate, how the performance of the police station has been. Can the commissioner of police be reachable via email or what’s app or mobile by displaying details publicly.

    Moreover, They let of accused citing a Supreme Court judgement that precautions must be taken and no arbitrary arrests be made, when in fact the accused can destroy evidence, threaten and bribe.

    Just to add as Belgaum has many inter state marriages, they make a killing out of people accused from across the border in Maharashatra. Commissioner of Police should open cases and investigate and see what action has been taken in complaints filed and have the honest complainants meted justice.

    Are the police higher ups listening, well time will tell. Police officers of previous years like Mr. Sandeep Patil and Ms. Sonia Narang had cleansed the system but the efforts of these officers perhaps have gone down the drain. That was a time when we had confidence in police.

    Well Good Luck to this lady, atleast she has her case in news. What about the unsung ladies who have genuinely complained? Can the police act and ensure justice is meted. and accused are booked.

  2. Myself have a gone through a lot lot of harrasement in regards to coyrt and dowry cases and other aspects through police , if any need support me avail be to ight injustice with the system .


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