DELTASYS EFORMING listed in 10 promising 3D Companies 2020

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DELTASYS E FORMING is leading manufacturers of large-format 3D printing machines and a rapidly growing 3D printing company in India and has been listed in “10 Most Promising 3D printing Companies 2020” by Industry Outlook magazine.

Deltasys eforming is started by two young Classmates Mr. Virendra Kadam and Mr.Murlidhar Sutar with a team of 10+ employees includes Designers and engineers. Now the company has taken the leap and became “Top 10 Promising 3D companies in India”

For 2.5 years the company is involved in the manufacturing of Large Format 3D printing machines. They have installed their machines in many industries verticals such as Foundry, Naval, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive to make final parts as well as for prototyping.

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Recently they have received a grant from the government of Karnataka to develop a Hybrid large-format Composite 3D printer which will be applicable in making whole Electric(EV) car body in one single build and will be used in making onsite bridges in defense & Tooling for Composite industry to make parts for Railways, Boat, Luxury yacht and Aeroplane.

DELTASYS E FORMING follows all International quality standards to make their machines.

“As we always say our 3D printers are Robust, Reliable and Consistent working than any other 3D printers in the market and reason behind this is Our strong technical team & availability of manufacturing facility in Udyambag and people with helping nature,” says Virendra Kadam founder and CEO DELTASYS E FORMING

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