Demolition for road widening even when matter is before the RC

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NO Compensation of any sort has been paid

The road widening of Darbar Galli has commenced and it has come to the notice that the building of Makbul Aga of Darbar galli has been partially demolished even when his case infront of the Regional commissioner for ascertainment of who owns the land required for Rad widening.

darbarAga had approached the High court bench Dharwad and in the final order issued the High court directed the petitioner to approach the Regional Commissioner’s office to ascertain who is the legal owner of the said piece of land in question for road widening.
The court in its order has mentioned that if the land belongs to the private holders then compensation as per the Land acquisition, rehabilitation and Resettlement act of 2013 should be applied and compensation must be paid.

Incase the RC says after due diligence of documents that the said piece of land belongs to the corporation then due notice under the act must be issued and appropriate time must be given for the petitioner to vacate the premises.

Now the question arises when the case is under hearing since Sept 2015 and no final order has been

made by the RC in this regards how can the Corporation demolish the Buildings?

Is it not the right of the citizen to ask for the compensation as prescribed by law?

When the law itself states compensation must be paid when acquiring land for road widening why no compensation has not been paid?

TDR as compensation is only optional and the same cannot be given by the Corporation but by a Development authority.
Atleast 77 such petitions are pending infront of the Regional commissioner since September 2015 from various parts of the city.

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