Dividing a divided India


After P Chidambaram declared that the AP assembly passes a resolution in the state assembly for the formation of separate Telanga state, each one is coming up and is getting ready to divide this already divided country.

Opposing demand for a separate state of Vidarbha, Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray said Maharashtra should get Marathi-speaking areas of Belgaum and adjoining areas in Karnataka. Shiv sena is opposing the bifurcation of Maharashtra and says it is in favour of ‘Sanyukta Maharashtra’ where as at the same time it asks for Belgaum. In Maharashtra alone all parties are in favour of a separate Vidhrbha but not Shiv Sena.


The Gorkhas want Gorkha land, Saursahtra wants to get away from Gujrat, Mayaywati the UP chief minister said to mange govt. better UP should be divided into 3 smaller states. Coorg wants to be a separate part from Karnataka. The demand to bifurcate Tamil Nadu into north and south for “better administrative purposes’’ gained momentum.

My question to all is who is demanding this people or the politicians?

After a spree of resignations and opposition for a separate Telangana the centre is on a back foot and might eventually form another states reorganization commission.

May what it be but the people of a state should have their where they want to go. The Election commission should conduct polls as elections are conducted and get the majority of the peoples say.

Making smaller states is easy for the politician as they can get one more chance to form a govt. and many others who could never become a CM will get a chance. But what is the use of this to the common man.

Dividing an already divided India is easy. But who will unite it is the question.



  1. i didnt agree the state separations.nehru also divide tha states in to launagesso didnt agree with separation in the context of telungalan

  2. Dividing state has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages like smaller state can admin and control efficeintly and effectively as the number of district will be less. It provide employment opportuinits more in govt sectors. CM can visit all places frequently. there is chance of development.
    Disadvantages: we can't expect more funds from Central govt. and again there will be fight for Capitals. there will be always issues with border.
    Assume suppose Our Karnataka Divided into two parts like South Karnataka, and North Karnataka then there will be fights for capital between Hubli, Belgaum and Gulbarga.
    Hence according to me the best solution you should have two capital with one state and take the sessions in both Capital Cities and try to govern the state without any imbalance justice. Like Bangalore and Belgaum Assembly sessions. Unportunetly this time they have not conducted the session. Hope in future we will seet the assembly in new Vidhana Soudha in Belgaum.
    Finally Belgum is heart of Karntaka.

  3. Uddhav Thackeray opposes separatation of Vidarbha from Maharasthra
    but favors seperation of Belgaum from Karnataka.

    Shiv sena is opposing the bifurcation of Maharashtra and says it is in favour of ‘Sanyukta Maharashtra’
    but is supporting the bifurcation of Karnataka and adamantly against "Sanyukta Karnataka"

    In Maharashtra all parties are in favour of a separate Vidhrbha but not Shiv Sena
    In Karnataka all parties are in favour of united Karnataka, but only not MES (brain child of Shiv Sena).

    What kind of logic is this?

  4. Shi Sena has always stood for the Division of the country. Its slogans like Mumbai for Marathi People, Maharashtra for Marathi are ample examples. Shiv Sena can never see beyond Maharashtra. Majority of Marathi People don't like Shiv Sena. That is why they elected Congress in last Assembly elections.

  5. Belgaum will never go to Maharashtra. Geographically, Historically, Culturally and Politically BElgaum is part of Karnataka and Belgaum will continue to be in Karnataka for all the time to come. For one moment, just imagine Belgaum goes to Maharshtra, what will MES people, Kiran Thakur and Tarun Bharat do ? They will be jobless. Politically, they have no place in Maharashtra. Even a mad dog will not care for MES Leadres in Maharashtra.


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