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Doctors call off strike

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Indian Medical Association (IMA) representatives, private medical establishments owners and others met Siddaramaiah at the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha Belagavi and after the meeting it was decided to amend the KPME bill and the same will be placed in the session on Monday.


1) GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL COMMITTEE – Has been withdrawn. No new redressal committee will be formed. Redressal as per 2007 Act, patient can directly approach the KPME.

2) Grievances which approach the DHO/KPME will be forwarded to the KMC. The KMC will decide whether the doctor needs to be called forth. Doctor need not go till KMC calls forth. Any patients making unnecessary complaints, can also be penalized.

3) DISPLAY PRICES – All Hospitals/Doctors are required to display their prices in the reception (Prices decided by you). Patient can question you if you charge other than prices displayed. In which case, you are expected to return the money charged extra than what is displayed.

4) PRICE CAPPING – Only for BPL patients and hospitals eligible to take BPL Patients. APL patients will be paid 30% by the Government, the rest has to be borne by the patient. No other price capping in Private sector.

5) No Imprisonment for doctors as per KPME 2017

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