Dont pay for Aadhar cards

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Dont pay money for Aadhar cards, said Deputy Commissioner Ekroop Caur. She said there is no fee either for processing or issuing the card under the Unique Identification project, as it is being done free of cost by the Government.

It has been observed that many people are paying to get themselves registered for the Aadhar card. Not all have had a happy experience but people like Anvith K S were lucky to get the Aadhar card done in just 45 minutes from the time he entered Kalamandir, one of the registration center.

The district administration will open 320 additional Aadhaar registration centres across the district till October 24, along with 225 existing centers, including 36 in the city.AadharImg

In the first phase, registration of every individual will be held in the centers from September 24 to January 31. Registration of uncovered people will be held in the second phase of February 1 to March 15.
In the final phase, the names of people will be registered who were not enrolled in the first or second phases.

In case of any problem, public may contact the District Complaint Cell opened on the Deputy Commissioner’s office premises on 9008700363 or 2407275. Also, public may contact Srinivas, project manager of the implementing agency on 9489831728 or Paresh Pai, project coordinator, on 8050674507, for details.


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  1. I went to the Thilakwadi center by chance and a simple inquiry turned into me getting the registration process completed.
    Steps I took :
    1. Went to the front desk where a couple of helpful representatives were handing out / filling out forms.
    2. Showed her my election voter ID and told her its got all the details needed (DOB, Address proof and Photo ID). She approved and asked me to fill the form only if I was getting the scans done immediately.
    3. I filled the form in about 5 minutes.
    4. Got it verified from the verification desk in about ten minutes.
    5. Went into the hall and realized I haven't shaved, so got a shave in 20 minutes ..:D
    6. Came back, and sat at one of the counters where they perform the scans (IRIS, Finger print and photo). Waited for about 5 minutes.
    7. My turn came up and the first thing they do is collect your form. Then take your photo with a good Logitech webcam. Next they ask you to look into a Iris scanner and enlarge the eye in which the red light is shown and finally the fingerprints and thumbprints of both hands are taken on a digital scanner. The AAdhar representative then fills out the form and confirms each and every detail with you. Only after you confirm they save the form and scan all the documents provided by you (in my case my Voter ID).
    8. Next they print out two counterfoils; the representative signs on one and you have to sign the other. The one signed by them is given to you and you are done.
    9. I was informed that my AADHAR no would be dispatched to my registered address within three months.

    Actual time taken for entire process was less than 30 minutes.
    Was pleasantly surprised at the speed at which the whole process was completed, after hearing many stories of how its taking ages to get the scans done.

    I feel a few pointers that you can follow :
    1. Confirm what documents are needed and keep copies and originals ready.
    2. Instead of relying on hearsay go to your nearest registration center and make inquiries. The staff seem to be very helpful.
    3. If possible register your entire family together. That way certain documents like Ration card will suffice for address proof. (I didn't have the luxury)
    4. You Election Voter ID is enough proof, but make sure your name, address and DOB are all mentioned correctly and are the same for which you register.


  2. free…… I don’t think anything comes for free. Its tax payers money right?

    we already have PAN card,Election card, ration card and many other cards issued by Govt have they solved any problem we actually face.

    I am not trying to be pessimistic but doubt how much objective will be meet through this another Aadhaar card. Will it solve our water problem,load shedding or bad road / traffic problem.

    After few years another card will be issued by govt and again same process to go with tax payers money wasted on program that don’t really benefit tax payer should we really pay tax

  3. Observed people are paying for aadhar card enrollment. Is there any way to report and stop this.
    Location – Burnpur Bharti Bhawan west Bengal pin 713325.
    Amount charged is 120rs per person


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